December 23rd, 2010

one less supernatural weirdo

first ever fic. and it shows lol. it's childish and the characters ooc but what with the genre being humour and the fact that i DON'T own the show and so, dunno how exactly they should be, i believe i can be excused. but i think i tried my best with it. i don't even remember anymore. yikes.
after which i hit a writer's block so huge, i'm still not over it after a year.
... wow. i sound dumber than i thought i was.
oh, well. i love these boys and my journal's oh-so-empty. even the crickets migrated. T___T <--- so lame, i am.
warnings: overuse of Italics, general stupidity on my part and the boys', bieber-bashing (slight)

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the twilight zone

this and one less supernatural weirdo were done in one night. 4 a.m.'s day though, right? ahem.
sadly, these are the only remnants of my uploaded original work. and it sucks. i suck at writing :( i don't wanna suck though, so that's worse.
but, blah. on with the silliness.
i have no excuse for the insanity in here.
warnings: twilight-bashing, ooc behavior

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